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34 years – it’s a life time for some and a blink of an eye for others. There’s only one certainty that comes with 34 years – experience. And that’s what we have in abundance here at Clarke’s of Nottingham. For 34 years we’ve grown and developed a business supplies service that’s designed to do three simple things. Save our customers money, time & hassle. And over the last third of a century we’ve got pretty good at it. Oh and we’ve picked up a trick of the trade or two along the way.

The bigger picture

Clarkes of Nottingham has grown and developed in such a way that it’s become a community for everyone associated with our wonderful business, so much so that we’d rather not call it a business – but a family. Why you ask? Well our fundamental purpose is to take the hassle away of ordering business supplies for all of our customers. But over the years we’ve turned our customers into friends and our focus has changed – to us, it’s all about looking after our family.

But what’s the bigger picture?

Well in short, here at Clarke’s we take more pride in our continuous fund raising for charities, our constant conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint, our passion and desire to develop and provide jobs for the younger people of Nottingham and up mostly our passion for providing excellent service. And if you asked any of our customers, they’d say the same.

So how can we help?

Well our strap line speaks for itself – “Because quality of service counts”. And we apply this into everything we do. You just want to get your job done and the last thing you need is the hassle of making sure your business is correctly equipped. So we make sure our quality service saves your time, removes the hassle and most importantly to you, keeps your cost down. From office furniture – new or refurbished, traditional office products, hygiene and janitorial supplies or even catering. We can provide you with everything you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Office Furniture – why not try before you buy?

It’s important to be comfortable, no matter whether you’re at home on the sofa or at your desk at work. Have you ever bought a sofa from a catalogue without sitting on it first? Why buy an office chair without trying it? Here at Clarke’s we’ve addressed that, with our furniture showroom designed to help you pick out your perfect piece furniture. We are fully stocked with used and refurbished office furniture at discounted prices, perfect for anyone with tight budgets.

Office design

Are you looking for a complete office interiors re-fit? It can be a mammoth task to get right. It might be worth seeking advice as people often get overwhelmed with the complexity of such a task. Well look no further than our furniture experts – with decades of experience using CAD software, they really can make every square inch in your office count.

Pens & paper still rule the world.

They once said that pens and paper will become obsolete as the paperless office comes into fruition. And quite frankly, they couldn’t have been further from the truth! Traditional office products will always play a vital role in the workplace and with thousands of different products to choose from, we’ve got the right products for you. Our tradition office products ranges cover;

·         Office essentials

·         Desktop accessories

·         Writing and drawing

·         Education supplies

·         Books, pads and accounting systems

·         Diaries and planners

·         Filing solutions

·         Storage and Archiving

·         Envelope and labels

·         Printers

·         Printer supplies

·         Storage media

·         Technology for businesses

·         Office machines

·         Mobile Office equipment

·         Computer accessories

·         Conference and presentation equipment

·         Paper

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A healthy office is a tidy office

Over our 33 years of trading we’ve expanded our product sectors for one reason and one reason alone. To save you time. We made it our business here at Clarkes of Nottingham to become your one stop shop for all your business needs, and that includes janitorial and hygiene supplies. We don’t need to tell you how important it is to keep your workplace clean and tidy. The only thing you need to know is that when you come to order all your business supplies – you can get them from one place, with one manageable bill. So why not stock up on your cleaning agents, tissues and mops whilst on the stationery run.

Check out our range of cleaning and hygiene supplies here>

We’ll help you keep your engine running.

They once said that the British Empire ran on tea. And we for one believe them for the simple reason that we can’t function without our morning cuppa. And as this is the case for most of the nation –we consume 60.2 Billion cups of tea a year! – So we made it our mission to make sure you get your morning brew. For over a decade we’ve provided an expert catering service for all our customers.

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Free up your time, take hassle out of your life and keep your business running.

So that’s a little snippet of who we are here at Clarkes of Nottingham, in essence we’re your local family run business supplies provider. With a passion for quality service and knowledgeable team of experts here to provide you with everything that you need to keep your business running efficiently. We’d love for you to join our family and experience the Clarke’s service, maybe get involved in a charity event or two?  Interested? Call us now on 0115 922 1777 or email us at info@clarkesnottm.com to join the Clarke’s family.